Moving Animals

In September 2022, the Moving Animals team presented their work at the 10th ESHS Conference (European Society for the History of Science) in Brussels. The panel, Genes, Ghosts, and Icons: Networks of (Amateur) Scientists in the Conservation, Collection, and Circulation of Animals in the Turbulent 20th Century, was organized by Simone Schleper and chaired by Leo Chu.

Papers covered project work, including: “Animal-Catching and Cryptozoology: On Charles Cordier’s Economy of Hidden Animals” (Raf de Bont), “Averting Extinction: The Emergence of Genetic Management of Small Captive Populations of Wildlife and the Case of the Przewalski’s Horse (Equus Przewalski)” (Monica Vasile), “The Ruddy Duck in Europe: A Case of the Late-20th Century Invasive Species Control” (Vincent Bijman), and “Victims and Diplomats: White Storks and Images of Expertise in Postwar Ornithology” (Simone Schleper).

Image: Vincent Bijman, Raf de Bont, Simone Schleper, and Monica Vasile.